Pirate Membership
Save Money, Play More

Camberley Anytime Membership

Unlimited visits anytime we are open!
Our brand new Pay Monthly Membership is ideal for you to save money,
visit anytime we are open with no minimum term commitment! 
Baby Pirates (Under 2 years): only £15 per month
Little Pirates (2 & 3 years): only £17.50 per month
Bigger Pirates (4 + years): only £20 per month

Before purchasing a Membership with us, you must review the Terms & Conditions, which will give you an overview of how the Membership offering works.

Your Membership Application will take 48hrs to process.

Membership Terms & Conditions

  • The monthly membership fee is payable in full, in advance for the following month. The membership is non-refundable once payment has been taken.  Membership payments will be on a Monthly rolling basis until you contact us to cancel your Membership.
  • A Membership purchase entitles you to entrance for the site you have selected – not both sites.
  • Tickets must be pre-booked on line to gain entrance.
  • When entering Pirates Landing digital membership cards, along with photo ID, must be presented. If no ID is shown, then the standard applicable entrance fees will be charged – these fees will not be refunded once the transaction has been completed – even if a photo ID card is later offered.
  • Members will not be able to use the discounts associated with the ‘Captain’s Card’ in addition to, or alongside, any discounts/offers/promotions associated with membership.
  • Membership entitles the card holder to the following:
    • Entrance to the venue for the children named on the card during the applicable period once payment has been received;
    • A range of benefits/discounts/information which will vary throughout the year.
  • Membership does not entitle the card holder to the following:
    • Priority/fast track access to the venue;
    • Priority or reserved Seating;
    • Automatic Discounts on any current (or future) items/products/services within the venue that have a charge associated with them.
  • Membership can be revoked, at the discretion of the management team, with no refund given, if any member fraudulently uses the card – for example, trying to get children into the venue who are not members.
  • Members must abide by all standard safety rules within the venue.
  • At times the management will hire out Pirates Landing on an exclusive basis. During these exclusive hire times the venue will be classified as ‘closed’ and members will not be able to access the venue.  No refund will be given for periods of closure due to exclusive hire.
  • At times the management may close Pirates Landing for routine maintenance, cleaning, equipment installation and other business-related reasons. During these times the venue will be classified as ‘closed’ and members will not be able to access the venue.  No refund will be given for periods of closure due to these / or any other reasons.
  • Your personal data is stored in line with our ‘Privacy Policy’ which is available on our website.
  • The Management Team reserve the right to update / amend these Terms & Conditions at any time.