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Quick Book Tickets & Parties

You will be taken to our new booking pages.

Pirate Grub

We are delighted to provide a coffee shop style food and beverage offering, which will satisfy all members of the family!

A range of fresh food for everyone, including a fantastic meal deal for the children.

If you have any specific dietary requirements, please check with any member of the team for options.

We kindly ask you to refrain from consuming any food or drink that has not been purchased from our coffee shop.

Menu Options

Freshly baked pizzas​​

We can offer you a range of freshly baked Pizzas including:

• Margaritas
• Ham
• Pepperoni

Fresh Tea & Coffee​

We use 2 of the finest brands available:

All your favourites will be ready for you:

• Cafe Latte • Cappuccino
• Mocha • Americano


• Everyday Brew • Peppermint
• MoaFeng Green
• Darjeeling Earl Grey
• Chamomile • Super Fruits


Toasties, Paninis and more

We are delighted to offer you a range of food which will be perfect for all the family, including:

Ham & Cheese Toasties / Meat Feasts / Pizzas / Tuna Melts / Salads / Sausage or Bacon Rolls...

Ice Cream

A fantastic selection of favourite ice creams that everyone loves!

Sweet Treats & Home Made Bakes

Everyone loves a sweet treat and our local supplier, Thyme In Catering produce the finest sweet treats, including:

• Millionaire’s Shortbread,
• Chocolate Brownies,
• Shortbread,
• Cookies and Flapjacks!

Treasure Box Meal Deal

Your little Pirates will be hungry, so we offer you a fantastic Treasure Box Meal Deal.

You will be able to select 5 items as follows:

• 1 x Drink (water/fresh juice/Capri Sun/flavoured milk)
• 1 x Sandwich (ham/cheese)

+ 3 other selected items from our range, including:

• Crisps • Carrot Batons
• Cucumber Batons • Biscuits
• Raisins • Cheese • Frubes

We often change our selection therefore not all varieties will be available at all times.


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