Seeing it through children's eyes

Pirates have invaded Camberley & Wokingham, the owners Captain ‘Catwalk’ Chris and Pirate ‘Crows Nest’ Jack tells us why…

We wanted to create a more immersive place for children to play and Pirates are the perfect subject matter.  Pirates are unisex, they provide unlimited story lines and they have played a part in children’s storey times forever. We strive to…

  • Clean, safe and friendly

  • Fun & Easy Birthday Parties
  • Multiple benefits from buying a membership
  • Fresh snacks and beverages for everyone
  • Change to Adults always FREE

The Best Place for Everyone!

When we embarked on this venture we knew it couldn’t be any other soft play, it had to be a place as a parent you would be happy to go. It had to be clean, safe and friendly. It would offer the best cafe selling great drinks and food, but also more importantly a place children wanted to visit time and time again. A place where they could develop their imagination and be transported to far away places.

With all this in mind, we first focussed out efforts on a clean and safe environment that would always stay that way, using clever technology and hard work. The second was to create a place that could become the stuff of legends for children and thats where we dream’t big and created a 12 metre long Pirate Ship with two decks. As well as this they’ll be able to lose themselves in our tropical (soft play) beach hideaway. This isn’t the end though, but just the beginning of the journey and one he wants you and your little pirates imagination to help take it as far as they can dream.

On your first visit to Pirates Landing you'll to be greeted with a big smile, wowed by the Pirate Ship and delighted by the range of teas, coffees and naughty and nice treats in our cafe.

Come aboard and join the adventure! We are all 99% Pirates.